Project description

The py-configparser package implements the ConfigParser Python module functionality in Common Lisp.

In short, it implements reading and writing of .INI-file style configuration files with sections containing key/value pairs of configuration options. In line with the functionalities in the python module, does this package implement basic interpolation of option values in other options.

The main reason for starting the project is to be able to share configuration files between Python and Common Lisp. Other projects may be using the python/INI file style files too and the project is by no means limited to the ConfigParser functionality. So, if you have any wishes and/or nice extentions based on this format, please send your contributions or extention requests.


You can reach the developer(s) at the development list:

API description

There's a separate page describing the package public API.

Source code online

The sources for releases may be downloaded (see below); the current (active) development may be browsed online through the WebSVN service.


option1 = value1
option2: value2

option1 = value
option2 = value2 and %(option1)s
# this is a comment; the above line evaluates to "value2 and value"

# empty lines and comments are skipped


The 1.0.3 release fixes the behaviour where READ-FILES was supposed to ignore non-existing files.

The 1.0.2 release fixes a function name typo, a problem with (non-)expansion in the ITEMS function and the return value of ENSURE-SECTION.

The 1.0.1 release fixes compilation problems with at least SBCL and a packaging problem. Next to that, it adds better error messages.

The 1.0 release can be downloaded from

The download area

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